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Welcome to our web site!
The necklace is the showpiece of any jewelry ensemble and Aphrodite Jewels is dedicated to providing statement pieces to suit your wardrobe and personality.  These are not for the shy and retiring, but for women of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities who take the spotlight in some arena of their lives.  Whether you are giving a client presentation, attending the opera, going to a party, or getting married, you will feel like a goddess in our designs.  Bead and stone materials are natural or high-quality synthetic and all colors are bold and distinctive.
Most designs are limited edition (6 or fewer available), but will be revived pending popularity and materials availability.  Many will be unique due to natural variations in color and shape.  Bookmark our site and visit regularly for the latest new designs. We hope you find something that excites you or someone you love!

Check out our opera-inspired designs!

We take enormous pride in our designs and hope that you'll find something in our catalog that you like. We also can create custom orders; email and let us know what you want.
We look forward to doing business with you.

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Jazz Baby
Malachite chips with gold faceted beads will make you a standout!

Our designs will suit any occasion and any time of day. From chokers to collars to pendants we look to please the most discriminating fashion jewelry lover. Browse our site for your favorite colors and stones.

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Opera-Inspired Looks
Inspired by the good -- and bad -- girls of grand opera, this line has something for every taste.  Chokers, multi-strands, and pendants in bold colors will make you a diva!
These 16.5-18" necklaces are bold and attention-getting.  Best worn over open necklines for afternoon or evening, they will be talked about.
Royal Midnight
Antique-looking metal with dark-blue aurora borealis crystal for a marvelous evening look in this series of mostly bib necklaces.  Very limited edition.
  Murano 2.0
Murano glass technique in highly affordable necklaces with magnet closures.   Lengths vary from 16.5-18" with a variety of affordable styles.
Everyday Elegance
Thie eclectic collection offers a variety of colors and materials, some of which go from ay to evening.  Some styles include matching bracelets.  Please allow for natural variations in shape and color patterns and minor variations in length.

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